Wednesday, January 23, 2013


New Years Resolutions have never been my strong point. I always make them but after about 2 weeks I give up and life continues as was before. This year I have made several resolutions and I am proud to say that up til now I have been working on them and am actually quite proud of the progress and determination I have found deep within myself. One of my resolutions/goals for this year was to de-clutter my house. I have never been good at deep cleaning or organizing. Sure, my house is clean but its not by any means organized or immaculate. So I have been working on a project a day. Sometimes its a closet, sometimes its a shelf, sometimes its just washing light switches. Here are a few pics of the projects I have completed....the before and the after (and yes I am a little embarrased at some of the before pics) First thing I did was the game closet Before :
After :
This is just a sneak peak into what I have done. I will try to post more as I go.

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Sarah and Trevor said...

i'm excited to be reading your blog and seeing all the stuff you've accomplished! I'm really good at blog stalking, but not so good at updating my own. Maybe that should've been my new year's resolution!